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03.01.2007 - unreal06

"Hot Joy" is an ARGENTINIAN band witch tributes Roxette. I correct myself, they don´t like to call themselves tribute band, instead they always said “ we made a humil Honoring to roxette” (i think it is because roxette is alive!, and as they let me know, they are rox fans).

I have asisted to 3 of the 4 presentations they made, live, in Buenos Aires. And it is fair to say, they really rock!.

Wonderful covers, followed by an extremely Professionalism. They show a lot of practice and dedication.

Marcela is the female voice of hot joy...a great voice!!!...a nice personality ! very simple in her ways.

Nicolas, he plays the bass, and he is the charismatic member of the band, doing somethings the lyrics sung by per, and backing vocals as well...always inviting the public to participate. ...

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France rules anti-copy CDs faulty

06.09.2003 - JDC-com

A French court has ruled that music compact discs which include functions to prevent copying amount to faulty goods and that buyers must be reimbursed.

The court made its decision on Tuesday on the basis of a CD produced by EMI France of a song by the French singer Alain Suchon entitled "J'veux du live" (I want it live). ...

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Pictures from the concert in Halmstad

04.08.2003 - JDC-com

If you want to see 151 pictures from the Halmstad's concert at 29.7.2003, just click HERE. The ZIP file has 56 MB. ...

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Do you want to share news with other people?

28.04.2003 - JDC-com

Use THIS LINK (you must log in before it) and share your informations with all other over the world! ...

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Opportunity Nox falls down

28.04.2003 - JDC-com

In the 17. week was the Opportunity Nox single on 23. place of Official Czech chart. ...

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Opportunity Nox is already growing up

06.04.2003 - JDC-com

The single Opportunity Nox is in the official Czech hitparade RADIO 2003 on the 10. place. Last week was on 20. place.

This official Czech hitparade counts frequence of playing of the song in all Czech radios. The link to the chart: HERE. ...

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What is our offer?

31.03.2003 - JDC-com

  • Multilingual site (Everyone can have this site in every language)
  • Discussion board
  • Radio Roxette (plays nonstop)
  • Complete discography
  • Very large download section (will increase)
  • You can tell another roxers, how to vote to radio or TV hitparades
  • Rox-quizes -- will also in english language...
  • Direct Connect hub
  • and many more...

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Welcome at in English

27.03.2003 - JDC-com

If you want to contact us, write email: ...

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